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Entertainment areas are trend for bars and restaurants

The latest trend in bars and restaurants is the integration of new technologies to improve their customer's experiences during their visits. Electronic devices and touch screens can be seen in use throughout a large part of the industry as customers can now view menus on digital tablets, customize orders via their cellphones, or even receive text alerts for table availability. These products usually help with efficiency, costs, and the overall satisfaction of the customer which keeps them coming back for multiple visits. This growing trend has also spilled over onto offering the latest technologies within additional entertainment products to improve their customers satisfaction while at their venues.
With many technological advances in entertainment products, integrating entertaining offerings by restaurants and bars has become a much more viable idea. Entertainment products offer a competitive advantage to bars and restaurants by enhancing the location's perception as a place to socialize. These days the American consumer prefers to spend their time and money looking for social experiences rather than just meals.

So places were consumers can enjoy delicious meals and have some fun are becoming more popular. Thus, many bars and restaurants are starting to expand their entertainment options to allow customers to extend their length of stay, maybe not at the service table but within the venue.
Bowling for example has become an attractive option for many bars and restaurants, its become a viable and profitable investment. New technological offerings within bowling products has made bowling a cool and trendy activity for fun and socializing rather than competition and sport.

Imply Technology, a company that develops, produces and markets bowling and entertainment products, offers its customers exclusive bowling options for small spaces, like its modern Bowling Café and Mini Bowling lanes which integrate self-service kiosks and touch screen interfaces into their products. According to Tironi Paz Ortiz, CEO of Imply, Bowling is a well known attraction around the world that can leverage a business to new revenue opportunities and improve the overall customer experience. He believes bowling is the perfect entertainment option to be able to cater to people of all ages. Imply Technology is a key player in the recreational entertainment industry, operating it's bowling alleys and games all over the world and currently taking the U.S. market by storm. The company offers the latest technology in their equipment and assists entrepreneurs in the development of their entertainment venues.