Keep Bowling products at their best performance. We have what you need to keep your customers happy and your facilities in perfect condition.


Imply® products for lane care, maintenance and cleaning :

Designed to be easy to use, Imply® products are formulated and tested with the best technologies to make your lanes shine and work like new.

- Approach Protection Coating
- Concentrated Approach Cleaner
- Concentrated Pin Cleaner
- Concentrated Lane Cleaner
- Gel for Lane Cleaning - Siligel



     Imply® iBowling Shoes:

Specifically developed for bowling, the Imply® iBowling Shoes provide comfort and security for players. The sole made in natural leather with anti-humidity treatment creates greater adhesion to the lanes, and more accuracy for your strikes.






    Ebonite® Glow House Bowling Balls Glow:

Available in several colors and weights, the Ebonite® House Balls are manufactured with polyurethane of high durability. Coated with UV Glow pigments, for Glow in the dark effects. Developed to provide maximum contact with the lane, largest friction surface, and increased rotation kinetic energy, for high performance reactions.




    Bowling Pins:

Our bowling pins are manufactured with high quality control, using the best maple wood. With strong core and coated base, have great resistance and exceptional durability. Lead to high scores, with great appearance and sound.



    Spare Parts:

Keep your equipment in top performance by using original Imply® parts and supplies.





     Renovations and Upgrades:

Enrich your business and attract new customers by modernizing the look of your bowling experience or entertainment venue. We offer all the support and the most innovative and reliable products to remodel your venue in a timely and cost effective way, according to your needs.



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