i-Parking - Parkingmeter

The Imply® i-Parking Meter is developed with the best technologies to increase turnover of parking spaces and generate higher revenues. Manage your parking lots more safely, efficiently and profitable.



Payment Solutions:

Easy to use user interface:

- Pay with coins
- Pay with pre-paid smartcard card
- Payment via website
- Recharge prepaid smartcard



The parking meter receives payments of all parking spaces, as well as notifications.


Innovative Technologies:

Operated by electricity, battery or solar power (optional). It is equipped with RFID Smartcard reader/writer for operations with prepaid cards, barcode reader for payment and adjustment operations, backlit LCD for displaying messages, Thermal Printer to emit tickets, Coin Validator, Speaker, anti-vandalism keyboards, Real Time Clock, several intelligent sensors, among other innovations.


+ Security:

The iParking is a robust and foolproof system. With anti-vandalism structure and IP65 protection rating, the Parking Meter is manufactured in carbon steel plates. It has anti-corrosion treatment, epoxy paint, resistance to vibration and is weatherproof. Made with security in mind, it features sensors that alert in case of violations, among other security measures.


Management via Web:

Manage and monitor the parking lots in real time over the internet or by phone. With maps, queries, settings, equipment status, and reports to facilitate the management of all your meters. You'll be able to make the best business decisions based on up to date information.


Mobile Management:

Through innovative tablet technology, the supervisor may consult the status of vehicles. In case of violation, the Tablet can capture the image of the vehicle and record the location (GPS). Along with the portable thermal printer, it is possible to perform ticket sales (via cash or card), and send alerts or notifications.


Other Features:

- In case a user cancels the operation, the Parking Meter returns the money inserted or, in case
of debit/credit cards, does not charge it.
- Communication customization: Configure the messages displayed on the LCD displays or on tickets, showing greetings, public utility information, and customized messages.
- Access Quick and complete reports.
- Configurable pricing based on time of day.
- Easy collection of funds from meters.


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