Maestro Express – Queue and Customer Flow Management System

Customer service is important for the success of any business. Imply® has developed an intelligent solution for managing queues, customer care and attendance, Maestro Express.



Convenience for your customers:

Your customer will receives a numbered ticket and through LED panels will be given further instructions for servicing. The Maestro system offers quality service, better order, and efficiency in managing your customer care area. Assisting to manage and reduce wait times and queues lines to improve your customer’s experience at your service location.


Maestro Express Display:

Our LED panels can be customized to display any information your customer needs to know when waiting to be serviced. The system will even store and recall information in case of power failure. A wall mounting kit is included with the display, and as an option, a bracket for vertical/horizontal adjustment. We also equipped our displays with an audible beep indicators with volume control to ensure customer flow. As an option, we can also reserve part of your electronic display to enable you to relay special messages or advertisements for your customer.


Maestro Express Totem Printer:

With a slim design, the password printing totem can be customized with your logo. It offers 8 buttons for different customer care options, and includes a thermal printer to provide printed ticket for queue lines. Optional pedestal is available independent displaying. Information printed on tickets printed by the Maestro Express Totem can be customized with company name, messages, date, time, and estimated waiting time.


High Durability:

Developed with the best materials and strict quality control, the LED Panels are built with steel frames and with black or beige matte powder painting. With anti-reflective smoked acrylic front fascia, ensure a clear view of the information. The Printer Totem is built with steel plates, finished by baths and soaks with anti-rust protection treatment, and is resistant to ultraviolet rays. Contains epoxy electrostatic powder coating, polymerized in oven, in gray or black color. In addition, for greater convenience, it features an exclusive door of the thermal printer for paper replacement.


Flexible Software:

We customized our software and machines to fit your business needs. Manage up to 16 different types of queue lines for varied services categories and up to 13 service counters. The software allows you to configure which services can be directed to each booth, and register service priorities to specific customers or any other parameters you wish to prioritize.



We will facilitate your management, without complication, with useful information for decisionmaking: the average waiting time for service, average waiting time for booth, and number of attendances per booth.


For employees:

Modern, smart and easy to use, Maestro system provides higher performance and better work conditions.


What solution can we create for you?

Contact us  to ask how we can make your service location more efficient with Maestro Express.



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