Central Management and BI - Business Intelligence

Intelligent Management: Dashboards, Reports and Real-Time Monitoring
If you value the ability to manage at any time, from anywhere, with our web-based Management and Control Center, you have a powerful tool for monitoring the entire platform in real time over the internet. Make informed decisions and centralize decisions with full control.



More Security

Proactively protect people, assets, physical facilities, information and operations with this robust, efficient and fail-safe system.

  • Exact access monitoring for different types of users and for specific areas. When users approach their media from validators, these check in the database whether there is authorization of each specific access.
  • Monitor all hits and all access attempts. Create management alerts to tell you invalid access attempts and specific access - a predictive, automated security approach that reduces the likelihood of risks.
  • All system requests are processed through a fully secure and encrypted tunnel.
  • Multiple tracking and anti-fraud features.

Rules of Access

Centrally manage access restrictions and permissions for each site for different users. Create access rules for each specific area, for groups or for each user, with restrictions and permissions for: single access, limit of access quantity for each location, authorized access period, authorized doors, option to require biometric validation, require documents, among others.



The stations for user accreditation allow you to register photo, personal data, and specify the access rights of each person. You can define the access rules for each type of user.


More Return On Investment

Modern, secure and easy-to-use software designed to maximize your return on investment, increase your operational efficiency and provide new revenue channels. Know more about your audience, their habits and behavior to offer the best experience. Block attempts of accesses with false or already used tickets. The system provides strategic data that enables decision making to reduce costs, optimize resources and increase collection.


Customize the communication

If you value being greeted by name, our system allows the messages displayed in the access validators to be customized for each user or for each user group, displaying welcome messages with the person's name, customizable according to preferences.



Ask us about our versatility for connections to other systems! (For example: CRM, ERP, Partners).


Easy to use and we're here to help.

Our goal is to design innovative solutions to optimize your operations and increase your access & ticketing performance. With our solution, you will have a professional team that works with you, at every step. We offer training, consulting and we are on hand to assist with more complex queries as needed.


What solution can we create for you? We tailor the solution to your needs!

Our modular solutions can be customized according to your project. Through our experienced consulting, we add quality and dedicate ourselves to maximize the results of each client. With creative ideas, reliable technologies, and business models that fit your needs, we are your partners to develop a project especially for you. Contact us.


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