Serve your customers in more locations, in a modern and sophisticated way, with this multifunction solution for payments. Multikiosk optimizes services and allow making payments with agility and security.



Modern and attractive design:

With front finishes in brushed steel, Multikiosk stands out for its design. The printer output, the bills input, coins input, and the cards input/output have indicative LEDs flickers that switch on, according to when they are in use.


Customizable Solutions:

The Multikiosk Terminals can be adapted for a variety of purposes to helping any functions you may need for your projects. The settings can be tailored according to your project. Multikiosk offers a full set of high-performance equipment that may be added to your kiosk: LCD monitor, touch screen,  bill and coin acceptor or bill and coin recycler, safe-deposit box, PIN PAD (EMV and PCI approved), thermal printer, collector and dispenser of RFID smartcards, reader and writer of RFID smartcards, webcam, stereo sound system, among other high-tech options. Highly user friendly for operators, the Multikiosk is made for easy operation.


Comprehensive Security System:

A complete portfolio of solutions with different levels of physical and logical security to protect against attacks and frauds.


Ergonomics and accessibility:

User-centered design, developed according to accessibility standards.


High Resistance:

We use high quality materials to ensure the best durability and long service life.


Customizable Design:

The appearance of your terminal can be fully customized with the colors and logo of your company.


Custom Front End Softwares:

We can design the right software, tailored for just you. We can develop intuitive interfaces for users, according to your needs. Our front end developers can work you to help you achieve your expected results and assist your business in becoming more efficient.



In addition to the software solutions developed by Imply® Mulitkiosk also allow you to run your own existing applications. We can also provide integration services with Payment Gateway Integration for EFT (electronic funds transfer), and other services, to ensure the successful implementation of your project.


Online Management:

Monitor the functioning of the terminals with 100% online monitoring. That means you have access to settings and reports of your terminals from anywhere. The system offers multiple tools to facilitate your management, without any complications.



Already invested in software solutions? Our suite of middleware solutions easily connect your software with Multikiosk.


Join this innovation.

The Imply® Kiosks are complete solutions to bring your business and services closer to your customers. Through these kiosks, your services will be accessible in many places of great movement of people. Thus, it is possible to reduce the queues at the offices. Imply® Kiosks strengthen and expand your relationship with customers, bringing convenience with nearest services. Queries are agile and can be performed anytime, even outside of business hours. With the ease of selfservice you reduce distances and ensure more comfort to the public. 

Take the opportunity to add value to your services with Imply® Kiosks.


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