Fun and innovation. If you believe that these two concepts make the difference in bowling, then this is the attraction for you. Imply® Bowling lanes were developed using cutting edge technologies to provide your clients with the ultimate bowling experience. Where bowling is social entertainment, our unique solutions not only make strikes more exciting but it gives customers memorable reasons to come back again and again. 

Here is what is included with every Official Imply® Bowling lane:



     Self Service Kiosk:

With a bold slim design, it’s LCD Touchscreen exempts the use of a keyboard, allowing the players to access all the lane control functions through simple touches on the screen.





     Overhead LCD's:

These 32” flat Overhead LCD screens display the score and animations for more fun at each shot! They can also display TV/DVD images, and custom messages.




     Promotional Panels:

Shown while pins are resetting and when the lanes are closed, they are located whithin an area of high visibility for all players. We recommend renting the panels for advertisement, generating an extra income.






     Automatic Bumpers and Integrated

     fault line:

Allows children and new players to have an option that makes the ball avoid the gutters, making the game much easier to play! Allows individual configuration for each player.





     Official Lanes:

Made with high resistant material, Imply® lanes remain looking like brand new for several years of continuous use. The official dimensions use standards from World Tenpin Bowling Association and ABC - American Bowling Congress. The official balls and pins use globally recognized standards.




     Bright Bowling:

For additional fun, let your lanes shine under black lights with glow in the dark effects! Our lanes, balls and pins are manufactured with special inks and neon pigments glow under black lights (if available in your venue). Plus, we can include LED lighting along lanes. To maximize this effect, add dancing lights, strobe lights, lasers, and fog effects it will create ambience that will enhance your bowling experience for you and your customers.




     Bowling Lounge Furniture:

Bowling Lounge Furniture: Designed specially for the bowling industry, our designs create a casual atmosphere with greater comfort for your customers. Thus, they can relax while waiting their turn to play, it's the perfect setting for food and beverage options. Available in various colors and models. We also offer color combinations to go with your venue’s decor.



     Easy Operation: Management Central

Everything can be controlled by our Management Central powered by the Antares software, which offers a user friendly graphic interface. The Management Central can offer daily reports for all your lanes as well as income generated per lane. With our management system on the Internet (optional), you have access to your bowling information any day of the week, 24 hours a day and most importantly, from anywhere. Stop wasting time with spreadsheets and complicated systems. We will facilitate your management without complication. Our system also offers the ability control to manage all images and messages displayed on the lane monitors. Use our system register customer information, set up tournaments, reserve lanes, print reports and so much more.




     Imply helps you to create your project:

We will provide the best solution for your Bowling, meeting any budget with a custom project especially for you. Our team will assist you with ideas and suggestions for your project and venue, as well as provide you with the necessary guidelines to improve the bowling experience for your customers. We are your partners to maximize your results.




     Count on us:

You can count on us with our industry experience to provide you with the best entertainment solution to assure high returns and your business success. Imply® products and equipments are all developed with highest quality standards to require minimum maintenance and low operating costs. UL Certification and CE Marking, following international norms and standards of quality.




Players area: 13' 1 ½"
Approach: 15' 1 ½"
Lane: 62' 10 3/4"
Trim: 5' 8"
Total: 96' 9 4/5"

1 lane: 6' 7 ½"
2 lanes: 11' 3 4/5"
3 lanes: 17' 11 7/10"
4 lanes: 22' 7 1/5"
5 lanes: 29' 3 1/10"
6 lanes: 33' 10 7/10"
7 lanes: 40" 6 3/5"
8 lanes: 45' 2 1/10"
9 lanes: 51' 10"
10 lanes: 56' 5 ½"



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