People Access Control

Tickets & Access - Full Platform
We offer a powerful omni-channel platform with everything you need to sell tickets, control access of people and vehicles, and manage the success of your operations. Your complete and intelligent solution to boost your results!



People Access Control

We offer a wide range of powerful tools to protect and monitor your operations against the complex challenges of security management and access control.
Our solution provides the integrated management of each access point through intelligent, flexible and efficient control.
It is the ideal platform to control access to your premises, restricted and/or sensitive areas.

  • High flow of access per minute. High-speed information transmission, access when authorized is immediate.
  • Protects your operations by blocking unauthorized or unidentified people.
  • Reliably controls access to various areas, sectors and buildings in different locations, centrally. Flexible for all environments and situations.
  • Controls access authorizations for thousands of different users by managing complex systems of restrictions and permissions rules to meet your needs.
  • It combines different technologies to identify users, restricting access according to the most stringent security requirements.
  • Efficiency: High accuracy and reliability in intelligent access control. The system also has memory for offline operation, continuing to function even when network connectivity is lost.


We offer different options of modern equipment that meet the specific needs of each project.
- Doors: Validators and sensors can be installed on various types of doors.
- Turnstiles: Check out our variety of models.
- Handhelds: Mobile access control.
- Containers: Manages access wherever you are, when you need it. A differentiated and creative solution that responds more quickly and more effectively to logistics operations. Solve transportation challenges in the most intelligent way possible, offering maximum flexibility for easy and agile movement in different locations and events.



We use the highest validation technologies integrated in a single platform:
- 1D Unidirectional or Omnidirectional Barcode Reader
- 2D Barcode Reader
- RFID Smartcard reader
- NFC (Near Field Communication)
- Biometry



Equipment developed with the best materials, designed to operate 24 hours a day.


Easy to use and we're here to help.

Our goal is to design innovative solutions to optimize your operations and increase your access & ticketing performance. With our solution, you will have a professional team that works with you, at every step. We offer training, consulting and we are on hand to assist with more complex queries as needed.


What solution can we create for you? We tailor the solution to your needs!

Our modular solutions can be customized according to your project. Through our experienced consulting, we add quality and dedicate ourselves to maximize the results of each client. With creative ideas, reliable technologies, and business models that fit your needs, we are your partners to develop a project especially for you. Contact us.

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