Your complete solution to maximise revenues.


SIGA integrates into a single platform an intelligent solution to manage access control and ticketing solutions for both people and vehicles, scalable for your project.


Expand your sales channels performing the complete management of ticketing, integrating with POS, Self Service Kiosks, Web/Mobile, and high number of accesses per minute to your venue or event. 


SIGA offers Business Intelligence and CRM strategic data to help you gain a deeper level of insight about your customer habits, offer better customer experience, maximise revenues and increase operational efficiency.



Quick Returns of Investment:

SIGA maximizes your return on investment and provides new opportunities for generating income:

- Protect your revenue by blocking counterfeit or already used tickets.
- Increase your revenue by selling ticket packages for entire seasons in advance.
- Broaden your sales channels: tickets can be sold online, at registered outlets, via telephone through call centers and also ATMs, with full system integration.
- Provides strategic data that enables for better decision making, thus reducing administrative costs.
- Ease to operate, optimizes human and operational resources.



This solution can be customized for various types of events, such as games, concerts, exhibitions, plays, cinemas, etc. It is a flexible system that can be adapted to your project, and business needs.


Management Software:

If you value the ability to manage your systems and viewing revenue reports at any time, from anywhere, with our web based Management Central and Control System, you have a powerful tool to monitor the parking lots in real time, over the internet. You'll be able to make decisions based on up to date information from our management central and control system.


CRM & Business Intelligence:

Know your customers. Identify user profiles and behaviour, to create actions for customer relations and marketing campaigns.


Secure System:

The SIGA system is a robust and fail safe software. All system requests are processed through a completely secure and encrypted funnel. It offers several tracking resources, that put an end to multiple accesses and detect fraud and ticket cloning attempts.
‐ Accurate access monitoring for different types of tickets (members, seniors, children, students, etc.) and to specific areas (cabins, chairs, bleachers, lounges, parking, etc.).
‐ Whenever a user approaches the smart card to the reader, it verifies the database if there is credit for the event and if the gate in question is the correct one.
‐ Records of all users and events, including access grants, entrances, exits, incorrect access, or previously used tickets. Thus, users who attempt to enter with tickets already used by the system are identified.



The access media (smartcards, tickets or wristbands for access) are customizable with your event or venue. The SIGA system uses the best validation technologies all integrated into our system:
- Barcode Reader 1D unidirectional or omnidirectional
- 2D Barcode Reader
- RFID Smartcard Reader
- NFC (Near Field Communication): via smartphones.
- Biometrics: With biometric technology, forgotten cards and passwords are a thing of the past.



Customers can buy tickets with greater comfort over the internet, without having to wait in lines. Greater convenience with ticket sales either online, through registered points of sale, or through self service kiosks, with instant access to the event after purchase. Improves customer service, reduces the waiting time and the size of the queues providing more comfort to the users.



The POS terminals facilitate the sale and issuance of tickets at the box office and registered remote outlets, and operate with the internet ticket sales system.


Self Service Kiosks:

This efficient payment solution can be made available at various locations with large flow of people, in order to facilitate and increase external access to ticket sales, registration, services and consultation.


Variety of options:

Different equipment meet specific access needs: pedestal turnstile, counter turnstile, +accessibility turnstiles, Key System for doors and buildings, iParking for vehicles, and handhelds for mobile access control.


SIGAS Pods: Mobile Acess Control

Have events in multiple locations? Need access control and ticketing for those events? We got you covered, with our exclusive and creative solution that solve all your issues in your logistical operations. Easily transport these mobile turnstiles to any locations or events. Inquire us for more information on this option.

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